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When it comes to selecting a quality cannabis product, you have countless options. We get it. We’re patients, too. Finding a medication that provides symptomatic relief, fits your budget and meets quality standards can be a tall order. But we’re always up for a challenge — and we like a challenge.
Ideal for patients with higher tolerance levels or those no longer experiencing medicinal effects from flower.
Our propane hash oil concentrates are the cleanest form of extraction with our highest levels of terpenes and THC-A.
Our premium distillate cartridges are solvent free and made with 100% all-natural terpenes.

Frosty Standard

When it comes to selecting quality cannabis products, you have countless options. We want to be your go-to choice. That’s why we’re committed to four key principles we call The Terpene Titans Standard.


With us, you know exactly what you’re getting, every single time. Delivering consistent medicinal products is a huge part of building that trust.


We’re passionate about our products, but more importantly, we’re passionate about you. You’re not just buying a product — you’re getting the full attention and support of our team.


We don’t hide anything from you. From our third-party test results to social media Q&As, we’re an open book.


We’re always thinking of new ways to provide you with seriously unexpected concentrates that truly deliver on quality, consistency and safety.

Test Results

Interested in strain-specific test results?

We encourage our patients to learn as much as possible about their medication. Look up our third-party test results for your specific medicine.


You’ll find our products at these dispensaries across Arizona.